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  • Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

    Commercial & Industrial / Condominium Cleaning

    The appearance of your property has an inevitable impact on your business value, especially for customers and visitors. You always want your workplace to be safe and clean for everyone out there. At Perry Maintenance, we offer high-quality Commercial and Industrial Cleaning services, including Condominium Cleaning.

    Our drive is to help you create a great first impression on people important to your business. We take pride in cleaning your commercial spaces with utmost quality and professionalism.

  • General House Cleaning


    Cleaning is the cornerstone of a pleasant and productive home environment. Everyone in your family values cleanliness, from kids to seniors to pets. It is regarded a necessity since it influences your health, happiness, and home value.

    Perry Maintenance cleaning Services is here to make a difference in your house and its cleaning part. We offer a comprehensive Maid Service along with a team of trained and courteous house cleaning specialists that strive to clean your home as if this is our own. Our professionals endeavour to clean everything to the best possible level, from the kitchen and living room to the bedroom and bathroom.

  • Office Cleaning Service


    Every employee loves to work inside a workplace that gives them a welcoming vibe. Cleaning issues can be difficult for them to avoid. Cleanliness can also make sure that your customers also get a good impression about your business. And we take care of all this with pride.

  • Steam Cleaning Service


    Steam Cleaning is not something new as our ancestors used to opt for Steam cleaning in the older times for wood cleaning. However, all these years, as the cleaning industry grew, new cleaning methods and machines were developed, taking steam cleaning to a whole another level.

    The steam cleaning induces ease in dirt and dust removal. The Steam used in this process is high in temperature, and for that very reason, it is responsible for easy stain and dust removal.

    The main benefit that steam cleaning offers is affordability. Instead of expensive chemicals, we only use water in steam cleaning, making it less costly than other techniques used in Cleaning. We assure you to clear all the pollutants, halt any unwanted mold growth and destroy up to almost a hundred percent of bacteria present in your home or workplace.

  • High Pressure Cleaning Service


    High-Pressure Cleaning is the only solution if you want to get rid of Stubborn stains. With a pressure of up to 200 Mpa, our high-pressure cleaning machines can clean every stain, whether it’s a roof, sidewalk, gutter, driveway, walls, parking lot, deck, or anything.

    With more extraordinary Cleaning and less cost, our High-pressure cleaning service can serve you in every way possible. In a short time, we can clean better and give you long-lasting results.

  • Contract Cleaning Service

    Contract Cleaning SERVICE

    We at Perry Maintenance are the best Contract Cleaning service provider in Singapore. A few years back, we introduced Contract Cleaning service in our services program. Through Contract Cleaning, we focus on presenting affordable and budget-friendly services to our customers.